February 11, 2008 Off

A Visit to Portsmouth

By in Wulsin

I had the pleasure of visiting Portsmouth today, on the eastern edge of the 2nd District. My first stop was at Clay High School, where I spoke with a government class about how the leaders today make the decisions that will affect all of us for years to come, and we talked about the issues that matter to them as first-time voters.

From Clay High School, I went into Portsmouth and walked the Boneyfiddle Historical District. Portsmouth is putting a lot of effort into restoring the downtown area, and I wanted to hear from the business owners and their customers about the progress and their needs. We talked about everything from small business loans to management of the state and national forests.

During my walk, I also met a man whose son is serving in Iraq. He gets to talk to his son daily but sees the signs of stress where he and his wife are torn between supporting their son and opposing the war. Two years ago hearing this would have been a surprise, but today its clear we need to bring our troops home.

I finished my day with a visit at the Shawnee Labor Council, where I spoke about my record of standing up for labor and working families. From my first job through today, I’ve worked hard to promote employee safety and rights while keeping productivity up and our businesses competitive.

Our district includes downtown Cincinnati, the growing suburbs of Hamilton, Clermont and Warren counties, and the farms, hills, and towns of Adams, Brown, Pike and Scioto. Different parts have different needs, but we can all agree that the politicians in Washington aren’t putting our families – no matter where they live – first, and that’s why I’m running for Congress.

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